Lunes, Pebrero 13, 2012

An Amateur: Intoduction to my Blog site

I always liked being photographed, it's something that everybody knows. Pictures here and there makes me pose indefinitely. Then I realize, what if I was the one taking the pictures, will I be able to capture moments and translate it to art? Can I do that?

I am a yuppie who loves taking photos, something I didn't realize until now. I really don't know if the pictures I have right now will qualify me at least to be called a photographer. I myself have doubts on my ability to take pictures, but who cares, photographer or not, I love taking pictures, no one can stop me from doing it. I don't need a title to give a license to take pictures, basta ang alam ko may camera ako!

I also love to write, something I miss doing for quite sometime, been busy and uninspired for the longest time now. I remember back in college, I always blogged about how I feel, things that cannot keep long to myself, need to blurt it all out. Now that I have the means and the inspiration, think it's just proper to continue a passion that has been long overdue.

That's me in the picture, this will be a start "again" of me blogging, and now will be incorporating pictures and moments captured by my trying hard hobby.

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